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Protecting the Public Water

RICAC is a coalition of groups and individuals advocating for reform of the CRMC and its aquaculture permitting process, to ensure that poorly sited farming operations do not impede the public's constitutional rights to use and enjoy all of the state's inshore waters. 


Where these rights are threatened, RICAC works to enhance public awareness, encourage citizen engagement and participation in the process, and promote legislative and administrative reforms to ensure that the public waters remain free and open for every citizen to use and enjoy.

Are you concerned about aquaculture reform and your public use rights to the water?

“...aquaculture should only be conducted within the waters of the state in a manner consistent with the best public interest, with particular consideration given to the effect of aquaculture on other uses of the free and common fishery and navigation…”. R.I. Gen. Laws 20-10-1. 

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